​​​​​​Manor Baptist Church
  in San Leandro, California

How do I get to Manor Baptist Church?
We are located in southwest San Leandro only a few blocks from beautiful San Francisco Bay.  If you'll click on the "Contact Us" button at the top or bottom of the page, you'll be able to view a map of our location, or shift over to a satellite view, or even check out a street view of our place.  You can also use the map's direction feature to get step-by-step driving instructions from your place to ours.

As you approach our property driving west on Lewelling Blvd., the fences alongside the street will block your view of our main entrance until you're right on top of it.  After you pass the traffic light at the intersection of Farnsworth and Lewelling, you're getting close.  When you pass the intersection of Inverness and Lewelling, begin slowing down and looking for the end of the fences on the right...and you're here!

What to wear?
We don't have a dress code here.  You'll see our Pastor and some of the other men in coats and ties, and you'll see some of the ladies in dresses.  But you'll also see some of our folks in more casual clothes, and some ladies wearing slacks.  We want you to feel at ease while you're with us, so don't worry too much about whether you've got the right outfit on.

How do I find the nursery, the classrooms and the auditorium?
When you get out of your car in the parking lot, locate one of the two breezeways leading into the center of the property.  You'll see signs directing you to the nursery, the auditorium and the office.  Our folks are usually good about spotting visitors and getting them to the right place, but please feel free to ask any of our folks, and they'll point the way for you.

Okay...where are the restrooms?
In the main auditorium, the restrooms are located in the foyer to either side.  As you enter the main pair of double doors, the ladies' room is to the right, and the men's room is to the left.  We also have handicapped-accessible restrooms located in the office area.  There are also restrooms with outdoor entrances in both of the two-story classroom buildings, and restrooms adjacent to the kitchen in our fellowship hall.

What do you have for my kids?
First of all, we have a clean, well-equipped nursery manned by loving volunteers who will keep your little ones safe and cared for while you are here.  Then, we have Sunday School classes for all ages, preschool through adult.  During our Sunday morning service, we have a Children's Church available for the younger kids, and our ushers will be glad to show you where they meet.  Check out the "Our Ministries" section on the "About" page for more information on all these activities. (Please note that some of these classes and actives are provided on an "as needed" basis due to the smaller size of our current congregation.)

Will I be pointed out in the service?
We don't want to do anything to make you feel uncomfortable while you're here.  Our ushers and other folk will very likely greet you when you come in, and someone may even walk over to say "Hi" while you're waiting for the service to start.  But we're not going to make you stand up or introduce yourself or anything like that.  We'll let you be as anonymous as you want to be.  You'll find a visitor's card in the pew rack in front of you, and if you'd like us to know you were here, fill it out and drop it in one of the offering boxes on the rear wall of the main auditorium.  If you would like our pastor to contact you, please note that on the card.

Oh, and speaking of the offering...
As a visitor, you are not expected to participate in the offering.  You may if you wish, but please don't feel any obligation to do so.  You have honored us by coming to our services, and we want our service to be a blessing to you.  The offering is how our members support the ministries of our church.  Your being here is offering enough!

If there is anything we've not covered here that you would like to know before you come, please let us know.  If you call, and no one answers, please leave a message and a call back number, and we'll return your call as soon as we can.  Or you may use the "Contact Us" page to send us an email.

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