Alameda County covers a lot of ground along the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, and that includes San Leandro and most of the other cities and communities where our congregation lives.

We're an independent Baptist church, but we surely agree with what this organization represents...and so do most of the Pastors of the churches we are in fellowship with!

Few organizations have reached as many young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Neighborhood Bible Time.  Their Teen Rallies are outstanding!

The places and organizations below are of particular interest to us here at Manor Baptist Church for a variety of reasons.  We hope some of them can be of benefit to you.

We distribute copies of this popular daily devotional in our auditorium foyer, and this link will take you to the online home of Our Daily Bread, where you can enjoy their daily entries.

Pretty much every summer finds us hauling our young people up to this terrific camping ministry located in Grass Valley.  With men's and women's retreats as well, they minister to our entire church family.

​​​​Manor Baptist Church
  in San Leandro, California

​In Case You're Interested...

San Leandro is the hometown of our congregation, and the place where many of those to whom we minister live and work.  We've been a part of this city since 1953. 

Being a Baptist church, we hold the Bible to be our only rule for faith and practice.  It's the most important book anyone can read, and this site provides an easy-to-use format of the King James Version of the Bible.

Based in Spartanburg, SC, this organization has conducted many a three-on-three tournament in our parking lot.  They also have a very active branch in the Philippines.