​​​​​​Manor Baptist Church
  in San Leandro, California

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​Tom and Penny Latham have been living and serving in Brazil for so long, they think of it as their home!  They have a love for the Brazilian people that keeps them at the task of missions in spite of dealing with a number of medical issues.

Tom is an avid wrestler, and for over twenty years he has used the sport to reach young people for Christ while teaching them the disciplines of athletics.  In fact, for over fifteen years he's been taking his wrestling ministry into the public schools!  He is also an author of Christian fiction, with many books to his credit.  Penny is a pro at organizing events, and her patchwork and quilting skills have been passed on to more Brazilian ladies than anyone can keep count of.  Tom and Penny have been married for over fifty years, and never tire of taking joy in their family...and "adopted" family in Brazil.

The Lathams live and work in the city of Gravataí, Brazil, and have been a part of our missions program since 1982.

​Tom and Penny Latham