Evangelist Mike Pelletier

Four days of special meetings scheduled for March 21-24. 

(Brother Wareing will also be preaching on March 28.)​

Preaching Christ by the Bay

We Are Reopening!

Missionary Mike Wareing

Brother Wareing will be preaching for us from Feb. 14 thru March 14.

​​​​​Manor Baptist Church will be open for indoor worship services on Sunday, February 14.

For the present, we will hold only one service on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. until we feel it is safe to resume a heavier schedule.

Please be aware that although the Supreme Court struck down California's ban on indoor worship, the other COVID-19 restrictions remain in effect. This includes the use of face masks and social distancing.

Manor Baptist Church is an independent, Bible-believing local church.  We are fundamentalists with regards to our beliefs, conservatives in our worship, traditionalists when it comes to our music, and Baptists in the way we operate our church.

A word from the Pastor

Our Savior

"In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him."
(I John 4:9 KJV)

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​​​​​​Manor Baptist Church
  in San Leandro, California

At long last, the United States Supreme Court has struck down California's unfair and unconstitutional ban on indoor worship!  Once again, we have opened up the doors of our church auditorium and resumed the worship of our Lord inside our building.

This has been a long and trying time for our church, but we have remained obedient to the Lord's commands of Romans 13 and First Peter 2, and have submitted to the laws of the land for the sake of the testimony of Christ Jesus our Lord.  Through it all, God has taken care of our church and kept us strong, and we recognize that is it by His mighty hand that we are able to reopen our doors.

We are blessed to be seeing everyone again, and encourage you to continue in prayer for the end of this epidemic.

Joe Carruthers