Manor Baptist Church of  San Leandro, California

"Preaching Christ by the Bay"
Manor Bible Institute

The purpose of Manor Bible Institute is to provide advanced instruction in the Word of God and in matters related to our Christian faith.  The courses which will be offered in this institute are college level classes designed to help the mature believer who wishes to improve his or her grasp of Scripture and of other Christian subjects.  Admission is open to all born-again Christians, subject to limitations on class size.

This Institute is designed with the part-time student in mind, so we will generally offer only two classes at a time.  The courses will be offered at two different times each week in order to accommodate as many personal schedules as possible.  You may attend classes on either Saturday afternoon or Monday evenings.  All classes will be held at our church facilities, located at 1845 Lewelling Boulevard in San Leandro, California.

Manor Bible Institute utilizes instruction and materials provided through the Institute of Biblical Education, a ministry of Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.  Most of the classes will be in video format, with instruction provided by BJU professors, while some will be taught at the local level by Pastor Joe Carruthers or other instructors.  A diploma may be earned upon completion of 30 courses divided evenly among five divisions: Old Testament Studies, New Testament Studies, Theological Studies, Practical Studies, and Special Topics.  Continuing Education Units are also available for these courses for those who need them for professional development requirements.

Registration may be accomplished by contacting the church, either by phone or by email.  All class fees are due upon registration, and are refundable prior to the beginning of classes.

Note: Institute Classes On Hold

We are sorry, but our Bible Institute classes are not meeting currently.  We hope to re-start the classes soon.

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